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Nicholas Martin

Update #1 – Our Project, Privacy and Data Policy 


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Dear Reader,

We have a hugely ambitious plan for Investigate the Unknown that will make it one of the world’s most unique, ground-breaking, and exciting projects. Our platform is just the beginning, and in itself, it is a very unique project. Nothing currently in the marketplace compares to what we are building. This will give our company its own identity, and we will enhance that identity moving forwards with our other future plans.

We believe in working together and exploring the unknown with courage and curiosity to unravel the mysteries of our universe. We prioritise transparency, honesty, and active communication. Our brand culture fosters a supportive and inclusive community where every voice is heard and every discovery is made together.

 We are the voice of discovery, guiding our audience on a journey of endless possibilities, always exploring, always questioning, and always revealing the unknown. We occupy a unique place in the market, where our values set us apart from the rest, leading the way as the people’s brand with honesty and transparency at the forefront. A brand that stands for more than just profits; but for a better future for all.

Privacy and Data Policy Highlights for the Nanu App

At Investigate The Unknown, we’re committed not only to exploring the unknown but also to ensuring the privacy and security of our users. Whilst we are still working on development and items are subject to change, we would like to share some information and key points of our data policy for the Nanu app:

– Commitment to Non-Disclosure of PII ( Personal Identifiable Information): We firmly believe in the sanctity of our users’ privacy. Under no circumstances will Investigate The Unknown sell/share/transfer user data to any third party, including companies and government entities. Our users’ trust is paramount, and we uphold this principle as a cornerstone of our privacy policy.

– Service Provision and Data Use: The Nanu app, developed by Investigate The Unknown, is a freemium service designed for use as is. By choosing to use our service, users agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The primary purpose of collecting personal information is to enhance the service offered.

– Data Ownership and Rights: Users retain full ownership of their personal and uploaded data ( Mentioned and not limited to – Pictures, Videos, Research, Stories, etc…) . We respect your rights to access, correct, and delete your data in line with GDPR regulations and other local privacy laws.

– Information Collection and Use: Essential personally identifiable information may be required for a better user experience. This information remains under the secure management of Investigate The Unknown and is utilised in line with our privacy statement.

– Third-Party Services: To enrich our service, we engage with third-party services like Google Play Services and Google Analytics for Firebase. These services may collect information to identify users, governed by their respective privacy policies.

– Cookies and Log Data: While the Nanu app does not explicitly use cookies, third-party codes within the app might. Users have the option to accept or refuse these cookies. In the event of app errors, log data such as IP addresses and device information are collected to improve service reliability.

– Service Providers: Third-party companies may be employed for service facilitation and analysis. These parties have access to user personal information solely to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated to not disclose or use the information for any other purposes.

– Security Measures: We prioritise the protection of your personal information through commercially acceptable means. However, we acknowledge the inherent risks of data transmission and storage technologies and cannot guarantee absolute security.

– External Links: The Nanu app may contain links to third-party sites, which are not operated by us. We encourage users to review the privacy policies of any linked sites before providing personal information.

– Policy Updates and Contact Information: Our Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. We encourage users to review our policy regularly and contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

We will keep updating this as we develop our platform, items will remain subject to change and also evolving over time, we will always remain transparent about our data policy.

Currently dated 19/03/2024

Change log- Added Share/transfer to Commitment to Non-Disclosure of PII

Kind Regards,

Nicholas Martin

CEO & Founder of Investigate The Unknown

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