Project Nanu

Frequently Asked Questions

Nanu is a world first social science platform & application that will be globally available for download enabling users to investigate, share and discover all aspects of the phenomenon.

In line with core values & ethics Nanu or associated group companies will never sell data to third parties and users can opt out of our marketing and research fields at anytime.

We are working hard to launch our platform, Come back soon for more info!

We want to evolve the current offerings in social media and create a bespoke platform with ever evolving scientific tools to help our community investigate and uncover the truths of the phenomena. This is why we are aiming to be the world’s first Social Science Platform.

Accessibility is important to us, we always want to improve and update our platform from launch and after to make sure we adapt and include a wide range of accessibility features.

The company and developers behind the Nanu app are based in the UK, America and Europe.

Nanu has a paid premium subscription but with majority functionality based on the free version.

Nanu is being developed by Unknown Systems that is part of the privately owned Investigate the Unknown Group headed up by Nicholas Martin.

The app will be launching in English with a plan to make the most common languages available after launch.

Unknown Systems & Investigate the Unknown always seeks out the brightest minds and talent across a wide range of roles and expertise. Our inbox is always open, recruitment email here: [email protected]