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Investigate The Unknown Team, working on Project Nanu.

Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin - CEO & Founder

Founded Project in 2019, has 6+ years in Digital Marketing building successful marketing strategies and campaigns as well as optimising SEO and various Ad Campaigns.


Ed Crowther - Co-Founder

Joined the Project in 2019 with 5+years of Business strategy experience, 2 years software consultancy, 3+ in years service delivery.


Philip Jansson - Co-Founder

Joined the project in 2021 as Co-Founder with 5+ years in Media Production through editing, recording and publishing digital content.


Holly Wood - Non-Executive Director

Life long experiencer with 17+ years experience of global PR, & communications, developing and delivering multimillion dollar campaigns utilising the full marketing mix.


Sean Cahill - Global Platform & Projects Advisor

Retired US Navy Chief Master-At-Arms with 20 years experience. Nimitz TicTac witness 2004, lifelong UAP experiencer. Now a leading figure in UAP research. An expert in strategic leadership and team management. Founder and Former Skyfort Think tank member.


Steve Carsey - Media and Creative Advisor

Managing Director at StoryGlass, previously Senior Director at Audible and international television/digital content executive.


Daniel Zetterstrom - Media Advisor

15+ years in Media Production & Graphic Design, Co-Host and Podcast producer for more than 3 years.


Helen Mccaw - Advisor

Graduate of the University of Cambridge, 10 years at the Bank of England, including as an Economist and Senior Analyst in Financial Stability.


Elizabeth Baralecki - Developer

20 years of experience in the professional world working on software ranging from a multi-million user desktop tool, to various mobile applications.


Jacob Hixon - Developer

5+ Years a web & software Engineer, I derive immense satisfaction from crafting visually stunning web to delving into other parts of a stack.


Susan Cook - Business Relations Advisor

Lifelong anomalous phenomenon experiencer. Over a decade in business development, as well as publishing, technical writing, product development, R&D, and consumer relations.


Dan Williams - Business Advisor

B.A. in Physics, 15 years in software product management, founder of two companies, lifelong experiencer.


Nuket Nowlan, PhD - Scientific Research Consultant

Holding a Ph.D. in Information Technology and an M.S. in Innovation Management, she possesses a strong academic background that complements her extensive professional experience in the field of IT, spanning over 30 years.


Scott Longman - Non-Executive Director

Global Advisor for more than 6+ businesses, with more than 20+ years in various advisory roles.


Colin Mack - Project Archivist

Over 20 years professional experience working in the fields of information and knowledge management, concentrated on archival studies while earning a Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS), lifelong student of esoterica and the great mysteries.


Keara Turkington - Project Archivist

8+ years in clinical and cognitive neuroscience research, with 4+ years of laboratory and small business management blended in. Experienced in data management, database development, and database organization. Approaching anomalous phenomena from a scientific perspective.


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