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Investigate The Unknown Team, working on Project Nanu.

Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin - CEO & Founder

Founded Project in 2019, has 6+ years in Digital Marketing building successful marketing strategies and campaigns as well as optimising SEO and various Ad Campaigns.


Ed Crowther - Co-Founder

Joined the Project in 2019 with 5+years of Business strategy experience, 2 years software consultancy, 3+ in years service delivery.


Philip Jansson - Co-Founder

Joined the project in 2021 as Co-Founder with 5+ years in Media Production through editing, recording and publishing digital content.


Holly Wood - Non-Executive Director

Life long experiencer with 17+ years experience of global PR, & communications, developing and delivering multimillion dollar campaigns utilising the full marketing mix.


Sean Cahill - Global Platform & Projects Advisor

Retired US Navy Chief Master-At-Arms with 20 years experience. Nimitz TicTac witness 2004, lifelong UAP experiencer. Now a leading figure in UAP research. An expert in strategic leadership and team management. Founder and Former Skyfort Think tank member.


Steve Carsey - Media and Creative Advisor

Managing Director at StoryGlass, previously Senior Director at Audible and international television/digital content executive.


Daniel Zetterstrom - Media Advisor

15+ years in Media Production & Graphic Design, Co-Host and Podcast producer for more than 3 years.


Helen Mccaw - Advisor

Graduate of the University of Cambridge, 10 years at the Bank of England, including as an Economist and Senior Analyst in Financial Stability.


Elizabeth Baralecki - Developer

20 years of experience in the professional world working on software ranging from a multi-million user desktop tool, to various mobile applications.


Jacob Hixon - Developer

5+ Years a web & software Engineer, I derive immense satisfaction from crafting visually stunning web to delving into other parts of a stack.


Susan Cook - Business Relations Advisor

Lifelong anomalous phenomenon experiencer. Over a decade in business development, as well as publishing, technical writing, product development, R&D, and consumer relations.


Dan Williams - Business Advisor

B.A. in Physics, 15 years in software product management, founder of two companies, lifelong experiencer.


Nuket Nowlan, PhD - Scientific Research Consultant

Holding a Ph.D. in Information Technology and an M.S. in Innovation Management, she possesses a strong academic background that complements her extensive professional experience in the field of IT, spanning over 30 years.


Scott Longman - Non-Executive Director

Global Advisor for more than 6+ businesses, with more than 20+ years in various advisory roles.


Colin Mack - Project Archivist

Over 20 years professional experience working in the fields of information and knowledge management, concentrated on archival studies while earning a Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS), lifelong student of esoterica and the great mysteries.


Keara Turkington - Project Archivist

8+ years in clinical and cognitive neuroscience research, with 4+ years of laboratory and small business management blended in. Experienced in data management, database development, and database organization. Approaching anomalous phenomena from a scientific perspective.


Maya Cowan - Project Research Assistant

I am a PhD candidate in sociocultural anthropology at Binghamton University in New York, studying UAP Studies and how it is emerging as its own academic discipline. I have experience in many aspects of qualitative research, including community-based participatory research, ethnography, survey design, and qualitative data analysis. I have taught anthropology courses at Binghamton University and the University of Saskatchewan.


Emma Claxton - UK Community Manager

5+ years management experience and a lifelong fascination with UAP and the nature of our universe and reality. Committed to growing our community and encouraging investigation into the unknown, in pursuit of the truth.


Alex Zorkin - Technical Lead - Ai Developer

Alex is a seasoned software developer with 15 years of experience leading teams to innovate and deliver cutting-edge products and services. Currently focused on creating a sustainable solutions, Alex is passionately tackling the world's most pressing challenges with technical expertise and a vision for a better future.


Jesse Peak - USA Community Manager

Jesse Peak is an Eagle Scout, ex-Army National Guard, MUFON field investigator, writer for UFO publications, podcast host of "UFO Encounters World Wide," Project BATTECH 404 director, and documentary personality. He co-founded the UAP Medical Coalition, blending service, exploration, and advocacy.


James Campbell - CA Community Manager

Over 20 years experience implementing information technology spanning multiple industries from beer to public safety. Seeking to build strong online communities where people can share and learn from their and other's experiences without stigma or ridicule.


Lana Grabinskis - UK Community Manager

Sales background within the Pharmaceutical Industry. Plus 25 years experience as a Paranormal Investigator, psychic artist/medium. I am also UK Regional Director for the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research.


Alexander Torell- EU/SWE Community Manager

Alexander is the Co-founder of UAP Sweden and the European Crash Retrieval Initiative.


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